Tuesday, February 24, 2009

vacation #3

our next stop was asheville, nc to take in the splendor of the biltmore estate.

if i had gone there when i was a little girl, i would have refused to leave and would have done my best to convince everyone there that i lived there so they'd let me stay.

seeing her first "castle"

being touristy tourists

the lion was really in the christmas spirit

he was really impressed by the wealth and prosperity that is found in america and is perplexed about the poverty of the rest of the world and he tried to invent some good platforms to help those in need and he tried his best to reconcile the problem of evil during our brief visit. just another day in the life of lucas charles.

she just liked the christmas trees.

toothless gums! oh how i miss them!
*oooooooo aaaaaaahhhhhh*

next stop, young harris georgia.

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