Wednesday, June 11, 2008

t's amazing to me how babies develop in short little spurts. a week ago lucas would sit in his exersaucer (see comparison pictures below) and just kind of stare at everything around him. this week he is actively playing with all the toys. he's now sitting in his bumbo seat and i heard him start to fuss. it was definitely an angry fuss. i looked over and he was trying to reach his little teething rings and it was about 3 inches out of his reach. he was not happy and he wanted it! he was reaching so far but to no avail. the boy knows what he wants.


Johnnie Avocado said...

I loved the bumbo for my was the best. And your right, when I go into see my son at night...he gets taller everyday!

Kelly said...

I know what you mean. My son just discovered his hands can bring him stuff and he is ecstatic.