Friday, April 18, 2008

2 months old!

lucas is 2 months old today and to celebrate he got to go to the doctor and get 3 shots in his chubby dimpled thighs :(. he handled it like a champ and got over it pretty quickly. in happier news, my little porker gained 3 pounds in the last month and is now 13 1/2 pounds, and he grew 2 inches and is 23.5 inches long! i've already had to move a lot of his newborn clothes out of his little drawer b/c his growing is unstoppable!

rachel also wowed the nurses with her ability to introduce her brother and pee pee in the potty twice while we were at the doctor.

sorry i haven't put up any pictures lately. for some reason our camera doesn't want to cooperate with our computer so a gazillion pictures are stuck in there now... i'm working on it.

also, it's hot outside. i don't like it. it's only april and i'm ready for fall. i think i need to move more north or something...

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Caleb and Adrienne said...

pictures pictures pictures =0)

(your blog stalkers are SO demanding!)