Thursday, March 27, 2008

How did the first day of potty-training go?

pretty much how i expected with both successes and failures. rachel peed in the potty twice and actually managed to poop there too once (unfortunately the poop was in her little potty chair, not the actual toilet, so i got to clean that one up... but better than cleaning it off the carpet!). she had 3 accidents. she was pretty upset by the accidents and would "i'm sorry. i didn't mean to." i gave her lots of hugs for that one :). i tried to have her pee before bed but it just wasn't coming and it was getting late. chuck got her off the potty and she was really upset that she didn't pee (what a big girl). this morning she couldn't wait to put on her tinkerbell panties and sit on the potty again. she peed within a couple minutes and ran down the hall half-naked yelling "mommy, i pee peed in the potty!"

i'm pretty proud of this little girl :)


The Townleys said...

Awww Congrats! I know that's a big deal!

Jason and Kathleen said...

congrats rachel! let her know her puggles teacher is proud of her! hope you and the family are doing well. sounds like you are all adjusting well!