Saturday, October 20, 2007

brief updatage

so chuck got home safe and sound this past monday morning. it was a glorious day! i took the day off work so we were able to lounge around the house together doing absolutely nothing except be in the same house together :). rachel was all about some daddy lovin'!

our house was officially put on the market last friday night, and by this afternoon it will have shown 7 times! i don't think we have any bites yet, but i'm just encouraged that info on our house is clearly easy to find. also seth, our realtor, said a house usually shows on average once every 2 weeks! so he's pretty impressed. it's not easy keeping the house clean at all times, but it's pretty nice when everything's all neatly put away. i should log some of these habits away for future use.

thursday was rachel's second birthday! your child's birthday is definitely a different experience than your own b/c on my birthday i just think "hooray it's my birthday!" on rachel's i could really only think "so 2 years ago i was probably throwing up... 2 years ago i was doubled over in excruciating pain... 2 years ago i was pushing..." definitely a different spin on things :). wednesday night we had present time with gramma and pa-pa. we got her a cabbage patch doll that was come with us everywhere we've gone ever since :). i never exactly got around to planning a birthday party (i blame hormones and severe exhaustion) so i'm going to bake some brownies today, put birthday candles in them, and take them to our small group dinner tonight where everyone can sing happy birthday and i can take pictures and pretend like i threw my child a party. hopefully rachel won't mind. i mean, i don't remember my second birthday party. do you?


The Townleys said...

DUDE. I feel you. I'm 21 weeks and STILL throwing up every day. No. EVERY DAY. People treat me like I'm some kind of science experiment and no one can understand why I SWEAR I'm only doing this once! Ironically they all keep saying it's not fair that I'm still so skinny. I'm like "seriously? THAT'S what you're worried about?!"

The Marshall's said...

The only thing she might mind is SOMEONE eating the first piece!! So glad you stumbled across me 'cause it allowed me to stumble across you!