Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Details...

i am almost 13 weeks pregnant, which means i'll be entering my second trimester... and eagerly awaiting any amount of energy being returned to my body. any amount at all.... really not picky...

my due date is february 16, 2008.

i am thrilled to not be huge over the summer months this time (and i'm really excited about maternity shirts with long sleeves... i have never experienced this before).

we should be able to find out if it's a boy or girl by the end of september.

i am way bigger than i was last time. i was this big when i was about 5 months pregnant with rachel... and i'm only 3.

i have one pair of pants that fit. yes. i wear the same pants every day b/c otherwise i'd be half naked and no one wants that. i rinse them in woolite every few nights in the sink. it's really glamorous.

yes, i have thrown up. it's not pretty.

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Caleb and Adrienne said...

congrats on the new baby news! i am actually 5 months pregnant now with my first. i'll probably have a ton of questions for you!