Thursday, February 01, 2007


rachel got to enjoy some snow this morning. unfortunately, by the time we got all dressed and fed and bundled up, the fluffy falling snow had turned to sharp icy rain... but we managed to get some playing in before completely freezing our fingers off. of course, chuck started a little snowball fight with me which, at first, upset rachel (she's very sensitive if she thinks anyone is getting hurt. precious lamb.), but once we showed her it doesn't hurt and it's fun to watch the snowballs break up and make funny sound effects for it, she got more into it. she picked up a handful of snow (which just happened to be perfectly packing snowball snow), threw it up in the air, and said "whee!!"

yes, i do have the cutest little girl in the world. thank you.

i also introduced rachel to the culinary delight of snow-eating. she didn't need any convincing. she was way into that.

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